Technical Data Sheet

Product Name:
VARAN®- ESAicon-new-flashing
General Description:
VARAN®-ESA is foundry bentonite modified using Extended Surface Area technology to provide higher Wet tensile Strength to the system sand.
The thermal resistance is impressively high to maintain all the necessary values even when exposed to 550degC for standard 30 minutes and higher ( see chart below )
Regular use of this product will transpire in having lower dead clay percentage in system sand and lower bentonite consumption.
Moisture addition will always be under control due to less dead clay and this will help gain a good compactibility.
Product Features:
  • Excellent WTS ensures reduction in scab related defects with each cast
  • Higher thermal resistance gives best of  “shake-out” sand and reduces dead-clay percentage in the system sand
  • Lower consumption of bentonite on continuous usage