Technical Data Sheet

Poly Cat™ is an Acrylamide based polymer having high degree of cationic charge. It has been designed specifically for sludge treatment and to aid the dewatering of drilling cuttings prior to processing on centrifuges, vacuum filters and belt press. As the Cuttings are generally negatively charged, Poly Cat™ is the right choice over other nonionic and inorganic flocculants.


Product Features and Advantages:

  • Optimum charge distribution facilitating easy agglomeration
  • Ready to use, supplied in Gel form
  • Avoid the Mixing difficulties with respect to dry polymers
  • Low application dosage
  • High level of dehydration efficiency
  • Facilitates Low level of water content in sludge


technical specification of polycat

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Dosage:The phase separation is largely due to charge imbalance. Hence the sludge properties determine the quantity of Poly Cat™ required for an effective reaction. This is also pH dependent with, to be treated waste expected within 6-8

  For a typical micro-tunneling process using only water as face support, the separation of drill cuttings can be effectively done using only 2-4kg of Poly Cat™ per m3 of cuttings.

  For such cutting returns with bentonite, the consumption of Poly Cat™ may increase depending upon the anionic charge presence.