pileman tm h

Technical Data Sheet

Product Name:
Pileman® - BH (Brine & Hard)
General Description:
Pileman® - BH is a custom made Bentonite support system which adopts to drilling in extreme formations soaked with sea water or any carbonate hardness. Its formulation comprises with the enhancement of Basic bentonite clay to adapt select polymer and additives depending upon usage.
Product Features:
• Produces thixotropic Gel
• Shear thinning fluid
• Ensuring optimum cutting carrying capacity
• Excellent fluid loss property
• Resists bacteria attacks
• Max resistance upto 10,000 ppm total hardness
In the range of 45-60kg/m3 depending upon the soil conditions.
Mixing procedure:
Pileman® - BH is a single bag system and water hardness upto 200 ppm can be put to use for making slurry.