Foundry Technical


Worried about casting defects???

Foundry Technical ServicesWith years of experience and exposure, we also engage in foundry services and consultancy for green sand moulding process.With our unique infrastructure set up and well equipped lab, we offer modern foundry services in most professional way.We can assist in solving problems related to improper green sand and mould preparation which generally results in defects like :
arrow1Blow hole / pin hole
arrow1Sand fusion / sand intrusion
An effective sand preparation will eliminate many defects, however this requires experience and expertise. With professional consultancy and tests like the following, we can assist in maintaining a proper system ultimately resulting in substantial reduction in defect percentage. We limit the defects owing to defective mould and improper green sand preparation.Tests like:
arrow1AFS of sand samples – system / return / new
arrow1GCS – system sand
arrow1WTS – system sand
arrow1Sand clay content
arrow1Total clay
arrow1Active clay
arrow1Correct mix of new sand / bentonite/ coal dust/ moisture in return sand
arrow1Proper mulling time
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