Technical Data Sheet

Product Name:


General Description:
Foam-Drill is a safe, water soluble, proprietary blend of anionic, non-ionic, amphoteric surfactants and foam stabilizer. It is designed to produce high performance foam with excellent solid carrying capacity. It is effective in fresh, brackish and hard water as well as salt water.
Product Features:
  • Generates stable foam at low concentration
  • Lubricates and cools the drill bit improves hole cleaning and increase ROP.
  • Compatible with all types of makeup water including brackish, salty and hard water
  • Reduces air-volume requirement
  • Effective in drill through sticky clay condition
  • Reduces erosion when drilling poorly consolidated formations.
  • Effective in suppressing dust.


Mixing Procedure:
Use concentrations typically in the range from 0.5% to 1.5%,under normal drilling condition & fresh water. In the event of severe water influx, foam concentrations may be increased and injection rates decreased to compensate. The Foam drill concentration may vary depending on the specific drilling system, depth, and equipment employed. For very hard water, pre-treatment with soda ash is recommended.