Technical Data Sheet
Easy-BoreTM a co-polymer of anionic character having high molecular weight. A water soluble polymer which is primarily used as a efficient fluid loss reducer and viscosifier. An effective colloid for shales and cutting in fresh water, calcium, sodium brines and KCL mud systems. It is compatible with most of the drilling fluid products, biopolymers, PAC, CMC etc. It maintains hole stability by preventing shale swelling and erosion.

Product Features and Advantages:

  • Functions as an inhibitor by coating or encapsulating formation & cuttings on shale and reactive clays
  • Prevents Bit balling
  • Can be used as a flocculent in clear water drilling
  • It is well suited for Low solid mud as a extender to increase the viscosity with minimum solid content
  • The minimum solid mud can be formulated to maximize the Rate of Penetration
  • Provides good hole cleaning capability
  • Reduces drill torque
  • Reduces skin friction and overall tunnel pressure during microtunnelling

Physical Properties: Easy Bore

  • Appearance:Viscous Gel
  • Solubility in water (at 25°C):Highly soluble
  • pH (3%solution):8
  • Ionic character:Anionic
  • Degree of hydrolysis:25%-40%
  • Solid Content:14.7%
  • Specific gravity:1.03

Typical Rheology of Easy-BoreTM in fresh water:

easy_bore Typical Rheology

Remarks: The makeup water should be free from excess Chlorides and Carbonates, which otherwise affect the performance of the polymer. Recommended level, total hardness and total Chloride to be < 150ppm Soda ash light should be used in small proportion to bring down the hardness level.

Method of use: Simply add the desired quantity of Easy-Bore in fresh water under continuous mixing for 10mins to achieve the Rheology as per chart. Please refer the above table on dosage concentration.

Performance Graph:

easy_bore Performance graph


Easy-BoreTM is available in standard 25Kgs Packing

For use as a Bentonite extender: Easy-Bore™ can be effectively used as a bentonite extender can be effectively used as a bentonite extender and delivers best result with use of Pileman® bentonite powder.
easy                                                                                                                        Typical Values(for reference only)

For use as an excellent Fluid Loss control additive:       Easy-BoreTMcan be used in standards bentonite slurries to reduce the fluid loss properties. Reducing fluid loss will assist: -Maintain hole integrity -Protect water sensetive shales -Minimize hole washout to achive better casing cement jobs

easy bore bentonite graph

Legends:greenBentonite slurry @30kg/m3 Rheology of 27 VDR @600 RPM

Legends:orangeBentonite slurry @60kg/m3 Rheology of 6VDR @600 RPM

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