Technical Data Sheet

Product Name:
General Description:
Aimed for superior and high technology requirement of trenchless drilling and more specially microtunneling and HDD Pileman® -Trenchless is the recommended bentonite. Pileman® -Trenchless can be used on almost all soil types including sand and rock. The Gel strength is effectively calibrated depending upon the soil strata to ensure proper floatation of the cuttings. Pileman® -Trenchless contains water soluble polymer to reduce skin friction and can be used both as face and side slurry during microtunneling.
Product Features:
Produce thixotropic Gel
Shear thinning fluid, ensuring cutting carrying capacity
The mud is designed to deposit thin low permeability filter
cake, ensuring low filter loss.
Cools as well as lubricates the drill bit.
Mixing Procedure:
Simply mix 45 kg of Pileman® -Trenchless in 1000 ltr. fresh water and the slurry will be ready to use after 20 minutes of mixing, giving a marsh viscosity 45” or more.